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Why is it important to schedule your next appointment before leaving our office?

School, jobs, sports . . . A busy life can make scheduling appointments a challenge. To help you face this challenge, we use a scheduling system designed to minimize time away from work and school. An efficient, effective scheduling system requires teamwork! To ensure convenient appointments, we encourage you to reserve your next appointment before you leave the office. This way, you are most likely to get your most preferred appointment time. After-school appointments fill up a month in advance. These are the most sought after times, of course! If you wait until the week you are due for your adjustment, we may need to see you during school hours as all prime appointment times have been filled. Some patients may choose to wait an additional month for the next after-school appointment to become available; however, this decision will prolong your treatment.

Please help us better serve you by making your appointments early. If work or school and sports schedules make it difficult to come in for a weekday appointment, we do offer Saturday morning appointments from September through May.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us run an efficient office! Schedule early!

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